Coach Handbags
What you Need to Know

Section One

Coach Handbags are known for their impeccable quality and high fashion design. But the great thing about them is that they are more affordable than other designer brands. Most designer brands you will find out there are crazy expensive. But with handbags from Coach, you get the same quality and high fashion design while still being more budget-friendly. It is not cheap and inexpensive, mind you, but more affordable nonetheless.

Coach is a company that was first established more than 50 years ago in a Manhattan loft. It was a family-run business with six different artisans creating various leather goods for the company. Today, we know Coach as the leader in creating trendy Handbags and other leather goods that both men and women covet.

We can all agree that designer and luxury brands of bags and other leather goods have become a status symbol. If you wear something that is known as a luxury brand, it is automatically equated to you being affluent. Coach is perceived by many people as a luxury brand and is therefore only bought by people who are affluent. But more than that, they offer distinctive and high quality products. The company also utilizes customer feedback to remain a global leader and become flexible to the ever-changing needs of customers. Additionally, they offer lifetime warranty to their handbags which customers always appreciate. Hence, with Coach, you get the best quality in leather goods, great customer service, and a lifetime warranty.

Quality of Coach
Quality has always been the top priority of Coach. More than 5 decades ago, the founder and creator of the company was inspired to establish his own leather goods company through the leather used in baseball gloves as they soften and become worn over time. The idea then with Coach is that as you wear it over time, it will soften and your personal touch and style will have been imprinted on it. Today, the glove-tanned leather that was used as an inspiration for Coach is still being used as is considered as the signature leather of the brand.

Wide Selection of Styles and Design
But we can all agree that it isn't particularly the quality that keeps people coming back for more. It is the wide selection of styles and designs that people want more sort after handbags in their collection. Every season and every year, Coach is releasing new designs that are perfect for fashion conscious people who always want to stay on-trend without breaking their budget. They always have new designs to watch out for and new color palettes to choose from. There is definitely a Coach bag you will find every season that will cater to your preferences.

Other Offerings
Aside from handbags, the company also offers various leather goods like wallets, wristlets, cosmetic pouches, iPad cases, sunglasses, keychains, and even scarves, floppy hats, and jackets. This then makes Coach a one-stop-shop for all your accessory needs. You can find here basically every accessory you will need to complete your outfit. Surprisingly, they also have baby stuff you will find like baby booties, mittens, blankets, and pom pom hats. They also offer dog leashes as well as collars. They also have a selection of shoes to choose from like sneakers, ballet flats, sandals, loafers, and mules.

Coach is a brand that many people have trusted over the years. They never fail to satisfy the standards and needs of their customers making them a global leader in leather goods and handbags. If you need a new handbag for this season, check out the latest collection from Coach and you will definitely not be disappointed.

Chris Farrell